Introduction to archery course Yarra Bowmen

Introduction to archery lessons and Come and Try

Please note Yarra Bowmen is run entirely by volunteers and all the money raised from the courses we run goes towards improving the club for all to enjoy!

We generally conduct Beginner’s Courses on weekend mornings. Fees for lessons will include insurance, equipment and instruction. Our instructors are all accredited and qualified by Archery Australia.

Introduction to archery course $100.00 per person minimum age 10 and up ( 3 consecutive Sundays 2 hours session)

This is a beginner’s course for archery, and takes you through all the basics for shooting, safety instructions and formal tuition. No prior experience is necessary. Upon completion, you can be on your way to mastering the sport and qualified to join any Registered Archery Club of Archery Victoria.

Introduction to archery course starts on each second Sunday of the month and runs for 3 consecutive Sundays. Sessions are 2 hours and start time of each session is 9:30AM SHARP. We ask everybody to be at least 15 min early so that all the paperwork can be sorted and equipment distributed. This is specially important on first session.

It is required for all attendees of the course to wear close shoes tight fitted clothes no scarfs please to avoid your clothes interfere with the string as this can lead to injury. If you have long hair please bring a hair band so you can tie the hair at the back and away from the string. Bring your own refreshments or purchase one from the clubhouse.

As we are entirely run by volunteers we do not offer make up classes but if you missed only one session we my be able to accommodate you in the next course. If you miss more than one session you will require to book another course if you wish to complete the course and get the certificate.

All Sessions need to be completed successfully in order to receive competition certificate required to join a club.

Come and Try Sessions 90min $20.00 minimum age 10 and up

Come and try sessions are organised on request minimum number of participants is 12. This is just a nice come and try session. Duration is 90 min no prior experience is necessary. You will be supervised by a certified archery coach and after short safety induction you will be on your way shooting arrows.

For more info and to book a group contact us.