yarra bowmen archery club house


Guidelines and Important Information’s

Please note that the club’s outdoor target archery range is not open to the public, unless you’ve signed in as a Visitor and paid the casual fee of $10, or are participating in a Beginner’s Course. Visitors that did not finish Introduction to archery course are not allowed to shoot on the range unless supervised by certified archery coach.  This is an insurance requirement.

Registered Club Members and Visitors must sign in on the attendance book in the club room. This is a condition of the club’s insurance policy and participation guidelines. A failure to comply can open the club to liability or void our insurance coverage.

If you are the last club member leaving for the day, it is a condition of entry that all lights are switched off, all equipment safely stored in the appropriate storage sections, and all doors are secured and locked prior to your departure.

It is members responsibility to protect access code given and not to share it with anyone on and of the field.

All club members and participants are required to abide by Archery Victoria’s Code of Conduct and Archery Australia’s Membership Terms and Conditions when they are on the club’s grounds, or they will be politely asked to leave.


  • Before signing up for membership, all new Financial Members or Club Associates must be approved by the Club Committee.
  • You must provide evidence of basic archery instruction, which can be a card/former membership to an archery club or a certificate of completion for a beginner’s or introductory archery course.
  • We would also like you to come down on a Sunday morning to shoot along with us, so that you get to know us and we get to know you. We’re not being a pain – but we do have a duty of care to our members and yourself.
  • Please scan/photograph and email to enquiry@yarrabowmen.com with evidence of archery instruction, or you can bring it down on Sunday morning to us.
  • Club Associates are not required to pay any visitor fees.

New applicants: please read above and get confirmation of approval from the Club Committee first, before clicking to sign up online.


We are also crossbow range approved by council.

Crossbow practice only permitted if you have finished the relevant Crossbow safety course. The course is done on demand and at Yarra Bowmen premises.

Membership Entitlements and access code

Membership entitles you to:

  • Use all club facilities
  • Shoot during club hours, 7 days a week.
  • Attend any events, workshops, and training
  • Actively participate in the club’s future new ideas suggestions always welcome
  • Use club equipment such as bow press, tuning tools, bows and arrows. with prior arrangement by emailing us.

Access Code

The code is provided by the club for the Current financial club members only for their convenience.
The code Can Not be passed to any non-member under any circumstances.

It’s each member responsibility to protect the code from misuse and any members found breaking this rule will receive a warning and if that happens again their membership will be terminated.

Reason for this is we have quite strict insurance policy and we have to obey it otherwise we will bear the consequences.

If you unlock the doors make sure that you Scramble the Lock so that non members can not read the code of the lock. REMEMBER protection of the code is MEMBERS responsibility.

If you are playing alone on the field the best way to protect the code and to make sure that only current members are playing on the field is on exit from target shed and clubhouse to lock both and scramble the code then play.

New Members Please note the code is always emailed ahead of the actual change. The change will happen any time from the time email has been sent till Sunday. First Monday after the email will be a day with the new code.

Existing Members: Keep using the old code till it does not work any more then try new code which should work if the new code does not work then something has happen to the lock please call me or sms me to resolve this.